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Monday, April 13, 2015

MMRCA RFP buried; Parrikar drops enough hints

Just under 48 hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi hit a clean one-ball 36 by asking the French government to deliver Rafale frontline fighters from Dassault Aviation via the government to government (G2G) route, his key man in the union cabinet and India's Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar did a tail clean-up act on Monday, April 13. Addressing the media at the South Block, ahead of his four-day visit to South Korea on Tuesday, Parrikar gave enough indications that the government was in no mood to continue with RFP for the 126 MMRCAs, currently stuck in a price-negotiation muddle.
Full report here: http://bit.ly/1IXHfC0

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rafale story far from over; Govt to keep HAL in the loop

By Anantha Krishnan M

Bengaluru, April 11: Thirty-six Rafale jets for the plane-deprived Indian Air Force (IAF) from Dassault Aviation! That’s news all around since last night after Prime Minister Narendra Modi sprang yet another surprise. 
Finally, the much-hyped mother of all deals jettisoned out of the red-tape-trap, with even the number 36 surprising many. 
Plane pundits are already out with many theories, with some even wondering the ‘logic’ behind going for such a small order, which is just enough to fill only two Squadrons. 
But, those who saw the Rafale script from close quarters confirm to OneIndia that the story is far from over. Any more surprises on this front? “Can’t predict,” they say. 
Sources confirm that the Modi government is in no mood to push Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) away, despite a strong private lobby wanting it to be out of the Rafale frame. 
“Any additional orders for Rafales will have to be via the Make in India route and it will be HAL who will be manufacturing the same. The private sector too will be roped in subsequently,” an official in the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said. 
Reacting to the deal, Air Marshal M Matheswaran (Retd), former Deputy Chief of the Integrated Defence Staff (Policy, Planning and Development), IAF and currently an Advisor to HAL, told OneIndia the government’s was keen to find a quick solution. 
“The PNCs are good if they find a logical solution. In my personal opinion the RFP is a closed chapter now. I am sure the government will take a fresh call. All the future moves will be linked to Make in India, ToT (Transfer of Technology), production standards, delivery schedules and HAL’s role,” says Matheswaran.
Full report on OneIndia, here: http://bit.ly/1CGfjxB
Earlier report on OneIndia, here: http://bit.ly/1aiYWQJ

First Indian pilot to fly at supersonic speed dies at 95

ACM H Moolgavkar (Retd] (extreme right in photos above and below).

Air Chief Marshal Hrushikesh Moolgavkar (Retd), the first Indian to touch supersonic speeds, passed away in Pune last (April 9) night.
Moolgavkar’ historic supersonic flight was on a Mystere-11 bomber in France in 1951.
Indian Air Force (IAF) said that Moolgavkar had been admitted to the Command Hospital in Pune since March 29. He was 95. He is survived by a son and a daughter.
Moolgavkar was the IAF Chief from 1976 to 1978 and retired after serving the nation for 38 years.
A memorable fly-past in 1947: The ace pilot had the rare distinction of leading the fly-past on maiden Independence Day celebrations in 1947. As a Squadron Leader then, Moolgavkar led a formation of Tempest, with thousands waving at his team -- just hours after India won Independence.
According to aviation historian Jagan Pillarisetti, the former IAF Chief was a WW-2 (Burma) veteran and a recipient of Maha Vir Chakra (1948).
“His competence as an ace pilot manifested as he flew 67 types of aircraft during his long span in the IAF. He also led the fly-past team on January 26, 1951, the Republic Day,” an IAF spokesperson said.
Commissioned into the Royal Indian Air Force in November 1940, he fought the Japanese Army in 1941. 
He was the Captain of the first flight of four Ouragan fighters flown to India from France. He was also among the first to fly the MiG fighter in 1954 and the Gnat in 1954.
Guided IAF into the jet age: Speaking to OneIndia from Delhi, former IAF Chief Air Chief Marshal S Krishnaswamy (Retd) said that Moolgavkar was a very demanding person.
“He was an outstanding professional and a non-nonsense man. He gave major directions to the IAF when it was getting on to the jet age. He had a great sense of humour as well,” Krishnaswamy said.
IAF veteran and former Commandant of Aircraft System and Testing Establishment, Bengaluru, Air Vice Marshal Ajit Lamba (Retd) told OneIndia that Moolgavkar will be always remembered for his bold decisions.
“He lived a full life,” Lamba said.
Never stopped flying even as the IAF Chief: The IAF says that Moolgavkar always maintained his flying status even after he took over as the Chief.
“As the CAS, he would often go on flights on MiG-21s, which also included the first flight of HAL0built MiG-21M [C-1531]. He was responsible for bringing the IAF’s accident rate under control,” a spokesperson said.
The Funeral Parade is being planned to be held tomorrow (April 11) at Shakti Dham, Golibar Maidan, Pune. A memorial service will also be held at the Officers’ Mess, Air Force Station, Pune.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tarmak007@5! Thank You all for the wishes!

Tarmak007@5: Sharpshooter Satheesh picks 5 from his golden archives

A lovely Travancore Anchal Post box at Madras Regimental Centre, Wellington.
Rare photo of INS Vikramaditya sailing past reflection of moon in Arabian Sea.
A low-flying MiG-29K is in no mood to land on INS Vikramaditya.  
Sam Bahadur's bungalow 'Stavka' in Coonoor built in 1973, post his retirement.
 R.I.P. Sam Bahadur. A Life Well Lived. His last words were: "I'm okay."

Tarmak007@5: Little Arnav's Sarang salute!

"Here's a small tribute to a blog that has been guiding me. Thought this would be the right photo to celebrate the occasion of 5th birthday. With a 5 Sarang members in a line," says Arnav Pai, the passionate shutterbug-cum-student from Bangalore.  Thank You Arnav!

Tarmak007@5: Stitch India Digital pays tribute to Tarmak007

Above are 3 superb creatives from the hangars of Stitch India Digital, who put together media platforms to weave stories that Connect, Engage and Delight. Here's their FB link: http://on.fb.me/1CtDHSW. Thank You, Team SID!

Tarmak007@5: Wonderkid from Mhow Herron weaves a magic video

When God sent 21-year-old Herron Waskel to Earth, he had a very definite purpose. To edit videos that touched your hearts. To edit videos that inspired you.
So, the BBA e-Commerce student hailing from Mhow in Indore took all the pains to email me this brilliant video to mark the occasion of Tarmak007 completing 5 years on the blogsphere.
A hardcore devotee of Tarmak007, Herron started editing videos when he as was just 15 years old.
This is the first video ever made on the blog and it's truly inspiring. Thank You Herron. You are my Hero!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tarmak007 turns 5. Thank You!

Tarmak007 officially turned 5 years yesterday (April 5, 2015). Five years on blogspot (http://tarmak007.blogspot.in) and 2-plus years on FB. (https://www.facebook.com/Tarmak007). Combined reach: 5 million-plus! A quick Google search would tell YOU it's standing among other Indian defence blogs in India! 
So many wishes poured in. So many e-greetings, videos and creatives, including an angry query why not a single post on celebrating the blog's birthday. 
The reason was simple. It was a really newsy day. 
So, five years of journey in YOUR company has been great. Satsifying. My knowledge levels have improved, thanks to YOUR suggestions. As I always share, Tarmak007 is a blog propelled by YOUR passion.
The numbers have grown substantially. Numbers means more people are now reading Tarmak007. Stats point towards more youngsters hitting the blog on a daily basis. That’s inspiring and hence it’s more important that we keep the blogspace clean. To be honest, crystal clean comments only.
Clean blogging: Over the years I have blocked many followers for their abusive comments which lacked sense and substance. The other day one regular blog follower said if I ban people for posting their opinion the way they want, then many people would leave the blog.
My reply: Tarmak007 is blog that painstakingly follows Journalism of Purpose. The blog’s primary goal is not to attract more Likes, Comments and Shares. But to be a balanced institution that would ensure that the next-generation of readers (especially youngsters) get on to a disciplined way of learning.
I have a young follower Athira Venu, a 12th Standard student, writing to me saying that it’s the clean content that’s driving more youngsters to Tarmak007. There could be more Athiras out there whom we should cater to. Care for.
All bloggers are facing this new-age phenomenon of abuse and absurd and the only way to keep these elements at bay is to block and ban. And, not to take on with counter-comment.
Being critical can’t be abusive. And, being abusive can’t be critical either. So, YOU are welcome to join my mission of chasing a dream of spreading good content, sans the muck!
Policy change: At this juncture I would like to share another important policy change on the blog from now on. In addition to aerospace and defence, you will soon find my reports on Indian politics and badminton – two new areas, now on my radar. I cannot keep opening new pages for different areas I write. So, Tarmak007 will be a home for all that I write, of which 85 per cent of the content will be on aerospace and defence. The rest politics, badminton and probably everything under the Sun, Moon and Mars!
Even tweets (https://twitter.com/writetake) will reflect this change.
It’s a great pleasure to wake up every day to survive. And, I need to write to survive, a challenge that I’ve been loving for the last 23 years as a journalist. Post birth of Tarmak007, this journey has been truly satisfying in YOUR company.
Thank You for believing in Tarmak007. It’s not a blog. It’s my life. Your life. Our life.

Interceptor missile fails; DRDO to conduct another test soon

By Anantha Krishnan M
Bengaluru, April 06: The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) faced a setback today after an Advanced Air Defence (AAD) interceptor missile fell into the sea seconds after its launch. The missile was test-fired from DRDO's launch facility in Wheeler Island, off the Odisha Coast.
DRDO officials, who spoke to OneIndia said that they would be back with another launch of the missile by the end of April after studying what went wrong. "These are part and parcel of every missile trails. We had six successive missions of the interceptor missile. We suspect that one of the sub-systems in the missile might have failed," a top scientist not wanting to be named, said.
Read the full report on OneIndia, here: http://t.co/gv8HZmSHoB

Another father, son files together | I want my next 7 generations in armed force: Air Marshal Garud

Bengaluru, April 06: Recording probably a rare flight history for the Indian Air Force's (IAF) Flying Instructor's School (FIS), a father and son flew a Chetak helicopter together at AFS in Tambaram.
Flying together was Air Marshal Arun Purushottam Garud, Air Officer Commanding in Chief, Southern Air Command and his son Lieutenant Commander Abhijeet Garud.
Lieutenant Commander Abhijeet is a naval aviator undergoing the Qualified Flying Instructor's (QFI).
Aviation historian Jagan Pillarisetti a.k.a. P V S Jagan Mohan, says that six father-son teams flew and demonstrated their aerobatic skills in various parts of the country on October 7,1992. Jagan says that this was part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of IAF and the only occasion when so many father-son teams took to the air.
In the mid-90s, at the Air Force Academy (AFA) in Dundigal, near Hyderabad, a father-daughter duo had flown together in the mid-90s as part of their training schedule.

Speaking to OneIndia, Air Marshal Garud said that it was priceless moment for him to fly with his son. "It was a God-given opportunity. For us to fly together, the time and space all came together. It's a dream come true for me. I want my next seven generation to be in the armed forces. My daughter is already married to a naval officer as well," said Air Marshal Garud.

Read the full report on OneIndia, here: http://bit.ly/1ICGnCD

Scorpene all set for sea trials

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